Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dreams: May 11

Was on the phone trying to get information about a test I wanted to take. The person that I spoke to was not at work. She was at home, and had guests over, so I was actually disturbing her. I don’t remember whether I became a reporter, or pretended to be a reporter to get information from her about the test, but the reporter thing was in my mind as I was talking. She gave me some information before I let her go. While we were speaking, it was as though I saw a diagram with different areas that the test targeted being highlighted. The diagram was a gold-ish reddish color. It was a rainy day, and it almost seemed that the woman I was speaking with was in the house next door.

I was on a ship or a large boat. Someone had died, and their ashes were about to be scattered in the ocean. There were a lot of us on the boat – about 20 people or so, and, when an announcement was made, we all went to see the ashes being scattered. We weren’t allowed outside, or there were no exits, so we had to look through windows which only gave a very limited view. I stood near a window, pressing my face up to the glass, and strained to see something. Someone near me said, “There’re the ashes on the water.” I saw a spot of something on the surface of the ocean that was only a slightly different shade than the water. The water was a very dark color – bluish blackish – and the smudge that was supposed to have been the ashes were a dark grey – barely distinguishable on the ocean’s surface. I thought momentarily about sneaking around the boat to find a better viewing spot, and then gave up, disgusted.

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