Monday, April 11, 2011

Dream: April 11

Judiette C. and I are standing on a corner a block away from the building in which we work. It’s dark and the streets are deserted. As we stand there talking, it begins to feel less and less safe. We see a man coming up the block, and we decide to go inside. We begin to walk the length of the block back to the office and we break into a run. There was light on the corner on which we were standing, but it’s dark along the way back to the office. We get to the building entrance where it’s light again. The entrance is all glass, and there’re a lot of people milling about. I overhear someone complaining about the heat. I think to myself that it’s 52 degrees, and not hot at all. At the bottom of a staircase near the entrance, I see Winfield L. talking to a woman. I get the impression that he’s interested in her. She looks older, and she’s carrying a baby in a carry-carriage. She’s wearing a white shirt and a black skirt. As I’m going up the stairs, she looks at me looking back at her, while Winfield is talking to her. Winfield sees me, but does not acknowledge me at all. I continue up the staircase which seems to be suspended in midair. Everything is well lit and modern. On the way up the stairs, I see Christine L. on a landing below. She sees me, gives me a curt nod, and turns away. At the top of the staircase, there’s a very small office. It’s locked but I have the key. As I open it, another man comes in dressed in a suit and tie. He makes a comment about the heat, and I tell him that I don’t it’s hot at all – it’s only 52 degrees.

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