Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dreams: April 28

Was in a living room - might have been my deceased grandmother's house, but not sure - with other people, including my eldest uncle, Roderick. Ruth, a former friend of my mother's, entered the room. She was emotionally/mentally unstable. (Ruth has had a history of unstability in waking life. There is also a past episode invvolving her and this particular uncle.) My uncle Roderick began to undress himself in order to deal (exorcise?) with the situation. The room was darkly lit - like late evening. My uncle took off items of clothing and handed them to me - his shirt, his pants, his jewelry - he handed me gold chain with a three-cross pendant. I wondered about the three crosses. The chain was solid gold and very heavy. Soon he was butt naked with his back to me, facing Ruth.

I was in an apartment building that seemed familiar. It might have been the building where I currently live, but it was quite different. My upstairs neighbor had some kind of a leak, and I could see the paint on the ceiling of my apartment beginning to swell. I put my hand on the wall, and I could feel the water running under the paint. She came to the door, and we started talking. She seemed to be headed out somewhere - she was well dressed. After she left, I went upstairs to another apartment which was really large, with very modern stainless steel fixtures. The apartment was so large that I couldn't see the end of it - it wrapped around other apartments in the building in an L- shape. I went to use the bathroom which was also very luxurious. I was sitting on the toilet remarking to myself how nice everything looked.

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