Monday, April 18, 2011

What do I want?

I was talking on the phone to Hall from the SETH group today, and he asked me the following question: what would make me happy? And it set me to thinking. What WOULD make me happy? What do I want? If I could do anything with my life, what would it be? I saw the movie Limitless yesterday, and it was a reminder that Life is really wide open. We're so used to thinking along particular lines that we don't really consider that there might be another way of seeing things. We dismiss out of hand anything that does not make immediate rational sense. But, we can only be rational about what we know, and there's far too much about the Universe, Life, our own bodies, that we don't know to rely so heavily on rational thinking. It just won't get us very far. And then we'll die, and that'll be it. What would we have done? Spent our whole life thinking that this was all there is. It seems like a dreadful waste.

What does the Limitless Me look like? If I could turn on every now-latent capacity and talent I possess, what would my life be like? What would I be doing? If I were confident that the Universe backs me up at every step, what would I do? What does that even mean? The truth is that we don't know how our bodies function from moment to moment. We don't know what keeps our hearts beating, or what keeps the myriad processes that it takes to keep a human body alive going? We live by faith already from one moment to the next. Could we take that faith even further; how much further? How far will faith carry us?

When I asked myself the question: what do I want, here's what I came up with:

To be in a position, physically, mentally, and financially, to determine the direction of my life;

To have an experience of life from a much broader perspective;

To write or tell stories like Limitless that leave us wondering how much more we can be or do;

To have an opportunity to be in the company and to listen to the words of a wise person;

To experience the beauty of the natural world, and to capture as much of it as I can;

To perform from the depths of my being;

To believe that there are available solutions to every problem.

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