Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dream: April 12/13

I was singing in a choir - getting ready to perform the Messiah. We were rehearsing in what seemed to be a narrow room, all standing, all wearing black. One of the girls in the choir was near the back of the group, leaning against a wall, sleeping. Another person directly in front of me was talking while were singing. The conductor told them both, and a third person who I couldn't see, that they would not be participating with the choir at this performance.

I was at work, and was heading out to purchase West Indian food at a particular place on Madison and 33rd Street (there is no such place in real life). I could visualize in my mind, the cook preparing ochroe and rice, and my mouth was watering on the way there. I took a very strange route. I went all the way to the east side, walked uptown, and then made my way west again, all the while having this cooking vision in my head. I was able to see the street that I was on, as well as the place that I was heading to very clearly - one as clearly as the other.

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